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Pharmaceutical Industry

SAP is helping the pharmaceutical industry maintain the safety and security of drugs as they move across the worldwide value chain through the ability to identify and reduce drug counterfeiting opportunities.

SAP worked with leading pharmaceutical and wholesale companies to develop a track-and-trace solution that meets and exceeds global serialization regulatory requirements. SAP Advanced Track and Trace for Pharmaceuticals includes country-specific reporting, enhanced collaboration with contract manufacturers and packagers and tighter integration with warehouse management and manufacturing solutions.


Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing is a fiercely competitive business. Not only do you have to work with fluctuating customer demand and shrinking product life cycles, you also have to adapt to increasing global competition and comply with strict regulations. You’re under a significant amount of pressure to increase efficiency, differentiate products, and keep up with regulatory mandates.

SAP help you gain greater control over manufacturing operations by increasing visibility into the supply chain, automating key production processes, tracking compliance, and making it easier to focus on innovation and speed to market.


Power Industry

Building intelligence into the world's transmission and distribution networks with real-time monitoring, control, analysis, simulation and optimization can help increase the reliability and manageability of these utility power grids.

Our solutions are designed to help individuals and businesses manage power usage more intelligently and deliver power and analysis based on customer demands. Improve asset utilization. Increase power availability. Reduce wasteful fossil fuel consumption.